Staging Your Vacation Home Casa Nova

When investing in a vacation rental, it is essential to decorate to appeal to many different types of clients. Staging your vacation home creates the perfect setting for someone to have a memorable vacation. At Casa Nova Interiors, we pride ourselves in our 5-star service to provide our clients whatever they are looking for, whether it is one accent piece or a full turn-key service for their property. Here I provide you with three main points to consider when staging your home for vacation rental.


For any vacation property, it is important to have a good quality couch. I learned this from my mother, growing up watching her source the best and most comfortable couches for her hospitality clients all over the world. Ideally, the material of the sofa is something that can withstand the wet and dry seasons here in Guanacaste and the seating allows for someone of any size to sit in it comfortably.

At Casa Nova, we partner with La-Z-Boy because they offer their iClean fabrics that repel liquids and comes in many different colors and patterns. Our clients can walk into any La-Z-Boy store in the world to custom design their couch and have it sent to our store.

Another key functional item is the dining room table. The table needs to be the centerpiece of the kitchen and dining space, welcoming everyone to sit around it. Whether for meals, planning their next Costa Rican adventure, or enjoying a glass of wine and good conversation, the table needs to have functional chairs and withstand spills. A wooden table should be sustainably sourced and manufactured to ensure that our precious resources are being protected with the highest esteem.


A good quality vacation rental should not be bland in style; it should stand out above the others so that you find your target customer or buyer. It is a careful balance to make sure that the personality is not too extreme or flashy either. With little accents of color on the walls, art pieces, or mirrors, you can provide that little bit of personality that become conversation pieces for your guests. We love Granada Tile for these types of accent pieces.

I believe that every piece of furniture is a piece of art and tells a story. Restored or refurbished furniture is an ongoing trend right now to promote sustainability. At Casa Nova, we can help source and restore any piece of furniture you would like. Here in Guanacaste the correct driftwood piece, hammock, or locally sourced art piece provides that perfect personality for your home.


When updating a vacation rental, consider that your guests can stay at a 5-star hotel, or they will stay in your home. You want to give them that 5-star feeling with all the amenities of staying in a private residence. This includes little details of high-quality products, smart layout, and a peaceful, upscale feel. Your guests will arrive at your rental after a long day of travel, adventure, or day at the beach and they want to feel at home and pampered.

Think outside of the box when it comes to hospitality. Provide poolside amenities, updated AV equipment and plugs, top-of-the-line linens and towels, impeccable design, and furniture. At Casa Nova, we provide a 5-start service that can help you find that 5-star feeling within any budget. We work with you and your current furnishings to make the best vacation rental experience for your guests.

Using a locally-owned design center with certified interior designers that sources from manufacturers from all over the world will bring in the professional aspect of staging to your vacation rental. Implementing functionality, personality, and hospitality into your design will help your vacation rental stand out from the rest. We invite you to visit us at Casa Nova Interiors to discuss your next vacation rental project.


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