Jubilarse en Costa Rica

Jubilarse en Costa Rica (Mi historia)

Si quieres retirarte en Costa Rica, hemos decidido el mismo destino para disfrutar de los mejores momentos de la vida, si asi lo veo yo. Por eso es que no espere cumplir 60 años o más para mudarme a Costa Rica, simplemente porque

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las catalinas playa danta

Do You Know Las Catalinas in Playa Danta?

Whether you’re strolling through beach towns seeking adventure and fresh ceviche, or investigating the Gold Coast contemplating your next investment, don’t overlook the unique town of Las Catalinas. This beachfront development and boutique hotel sits approximately forty-five minutes north of Playa Tamarindo and one hour west from the Liberia international airport. Las Catalinas is known…

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Fitness in the Tropics

In Playa Tamarindo, beach season is every season. With 300+ annual days of sunshine and a health-conscious population that loves the outdoors, fitness plays a major role in the Tamarindo lifestyle. Visitors quickly realize that this town epitomizes the phrase, “work hard, play hard,” with juice cafes and health clubs shoulder to shoulder with beach…

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Staging Your Vacation Home Casa Nova

When investing in a vacation rental, it is essential to decorate to appeal to many different types of clients. Staging your vacation home creates the perfect setting for someone to have a memorable vacation. At Casa Nova Interiors, we pride ourselves in our 5-star service to provide our clients whatever they are looking for, whether…

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Serendipity Charters

Local Business Worth Supporting Don’t get fooled by the curbside tour guide… Trust recommendations by local experts when deciding where to spend your time and money on your Gold Coast vacation. The bustling beach town of Playa Tamarindo is overflowing with tours, activities, and restaurants; from fine dining and luxury spas to world-class surfing and…

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Dry Season is Coming….

Dry season is coming…….and that means wind. And I mean a lot of wind. December is one of
my favorite months to play golf in Costa Rica, especially in Guanacaste. The start of dry season will feature firmer and faster fairways allowing you to take advantage off the tee. The golf courses are in good shape with colorful flora and plentiful wildlife still enjoying the last little bits of wet season.

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Worldly Spa Treatments in Tamarindo’s Backyard

Top Spas and Treatments to Spoil Anyone Tamarindo and the surrounding areas are known for the white beaches, surf, and nature. But sometimes you just need to break away from the waves and enjoy a little pampering. Thankfully, the Gold Coast boasts some of the most luxe spas in Costa Rica. Who doesn’t want a…

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Beyond Rice and Beans: The Foodies Guide to Guanacaste

Costa Rica has experienced a food revolution over the last twenty years and we’re fortunate to have many world-class dining establishments in Guanacaste. Food options range from the traditional Gallo Pinto breakfast at a local soda to intimate dinners with flavors from around the world. If you consider yourself a “Foodie,” join us on this…

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Getting to the Gold Coast - Tamarindo Real Estate - 1

Getting to the Gold Coast

Our world is more connected than ever. With a single click, our ideas travel instantaneously around the globe, international businesses cooperate in unison, and we can even go grocery shopping without leaving our living room couch. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of these accelerated times is the ability to essentially visit any country on Earth…

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