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Jubilarse en Costa Rica

Jubilarse en Costa Rica (Mi historia)

Si quieres retirarte en Costa Rica, hemos decidido el mismo destino para disfrutar de los mejores momentos de la vida, si asi lo veo yo. Por eso es que no espere cumplir 60 años o más para mudarme a Costa Rica, simplemente porque

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las catalinas playa danta

Do You Know Las Catalinas in Playa Danta?

Whether you’re strolling through beach towns seeking adventure and fresh ceviche, or investigating the Gold Coast contemplating your next investment, don’t overlook the unique town of Las Catalinas. This beachfront development and boutique hotel sits approximately forty-five minutes north of Playa Tamarindo and one hour west from the Liberia international airport. Las Catalinas is known…

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Life at Hacienda Pinilla: Beauty, Recreation, and Comfort.

The Life in Hacienda Pinilla. Situated on a remarkable piece of Guanacaste coastline, Hacienda Pinilla is where authentic Costa Rica meets luxury design and elegance. This vast, 4500-acre luxury community is where you’ll reunite with loved ones to soak in the county’s natural beauty while rediscovering the subtle treasures in life. Hacienda Pinilla’s topography feels…

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