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Don’t get fooled by the curbside tour guide… Trust recommendations by local experts when deciding where to spend your time and money on your Gold Coast vacation. The bustling beach town of Playa Tamarindo is overflowing with tours, activities, and restaurants; from fine dining and luxury spas to world-class surfing and ATV off-road tours. All the options may seem overwhelming for any traveler, so we at Tamarindo Real Estate are happy to point you in the right direction. In this blog series, Local Businesses Worth Supporting, we’ve handpicked our favorite businesses in the area based on reputation, service, and environmental efforts. Dive into this week’s featured business, Serendipity Charters.

Launching from Playa Flamingo (thirty minutes north of Tamarindo), Serendipity Charters’ elegant 50 Beneteau Oceanis sailboat was featured on the cover of Sail Magazine and has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a full kitchen, and lounge areas above and below deck. Their crew is one of the most experienced and professional in the area, striving for customer service, safety, and excellence. They proudly rank as the #1 Sailing Charter on TripAdvisor in all of Guanacaste. Also, check out this amazing video of their experience. Aside from their top-tier service and facility, Serendipity Charters is mindful of the environment in their day-to-day operations. Here’s how:

Wind Energy

The beauty of a sailboat is the ability to harness the natural energy of wind. Guanacaste is blessed with breezy land airflow most days, so many times it is not necessary for the charter to use its diesel engine during tours.

No Single-Use Plastic Aboard

Most other tour boats in the area serve plastic plates and cups that sometimes find themselves blown off into the waters around them. The crew of Serendipity is committed to minimizing single-use plastic when they can and the ones they do use are durable, marine-grade reusable plastic.

Local Products

Most everything you’ll eat aboard Serendipity comes from within Costa Rica. Products are purchased at local farmer’s markets and are organic when possible. You’ll feel proud to be supporting multiple local businesses in this epic adventure on the open seas.

Sustainable Fishing

Serendipity Charters was a supporter and organizer of a petition to stop destructive shrimping practices in our area. In addition, guests are encouraged to book with responsible fishing operators that keep full-grown fish that are not endangered.

Serendipity Charters is owned by Brad Ellen and Geneva Garcia Ellen who moved to Costa Rica in 2010 with their two boys. Like many of us, they fell in love with the area and turned their passion into their business. The idea of Serendipity Charters came from all the time and experiences they had on Brad’s family sailboat the previous ten years. They even spent an entire year living on a sailboat sailing halfway around the world. So, running a boat came with ease, passion, and experience. Over the years in Costa Rica, they have shared their love for sailing, the ocean, and Costa Rica with thousands of happy guests. That passion, along with a great crew, has made Serendipity Charters what it is today.

Serendipity Charters offers private full-day and half-day tours as well as semi-private sunset cruises that you can book every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday from December 20th – May 1st. Each tour includes delicious appetizers, fruit, tacos, open bar, snorkeling and fishing gear. Whether you have a large group and want a private charter, or your four-person family is looking to tag along for a semi-private tour that won’t break the bank, there are various options to choose from. Serendipity Charters is Tamarindo Real Estate’s recommendation for a truly memorable sailing experience.

If you are ready to book your adventure with Serendipity Charters, please contact them here and remember to mention Tamarindo Real Estate. If you’d like to be featured on our next, Local Businesses Worth Supporting blog, please email Tamarindo Real Estate’s Marketing Director, Kelly Brannon, at [email protected] with your company profile for our consideration. Thanks for reading!




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